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Prom Party

Bedazzle yourself effortlessly at dinner function events with JEOEL's Prom Party collection. Starring all-new jewelry for that final perfect touch to your dinner dress, including:
✨Charms with a sparkling princess ballgown and a pink karaoke microphone for a crazy after-party with your gal pals.
✨Unique sparkling necklaces and earrings that are a blend of cool and princessy.
Each piece is artistically crafted to ensure you look outstanding on that important night out.

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Clover Earrings - JEOEL
Clover Earrings
Regular priceRM129
Clover Bracelet
Regular priceRM129
    Heart Necklace
    Regular priceRM139
      Clover Necklace - JEOEL
      Clover Necklace
      Regular priceRM159
      Shiny Flower Necklace - JEOEL
      Shiny Flower Necklace
      Regular priceRM159
      Orient Necklace
      Regular priceRM139
        Heart Bracelet
        Regular priceRM129
          Dainty Earrings
          Regular priceRM109