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Ultimate Guide to Buying Necklaces for Her 2019

Are you puzzled despite all the research you have done to find the best necklace for her?

While a necklace is understandably a fashionable gift, it is also a gift that carries a significant amount of sentimental value.

Did you know that in Chinese culture grandparents would gift a newborn baby jewellery in the form of bracelets, anklets, or necklaces to “tie the baby to this world”?

We didn’t mean to place more pressure on you! But if your head is already about to explode with stress, our Ultimate Buying Guide should help you make your decision.

Make the right one and you; aside from the necklace, would be her most treasured gift.


Step 1: Identifying the Type

We begin with the basics. While a few necklace styles are self-explanatory, like strands of classic pearls, others may be less obvious. We think it’s vital to pick a timeless design.

Well, not just for sheer value for money but because we are pretty sure you want to see your girl wearing your gift for many years to come.


a. Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is usually one with large eye-catching stones, may it be real or lab manufactured. We spotted large statement pieces at Fashion Month but fashion pieces quickly come and go out of style.

They are pieces that she will likely stop wearing within a year (or less!) because her girlfriends can probably tell if she’s matching it with just about every outfit she owns.

Statement Necklace
Credit to: Statement Baubles

b. Minimalist Necklace

On the other hand, a minimalist necklace is designed for layering. They are long, thin and delicate necklaces. They sometimes have a few beads and gemstones scattered throughout the length or tiny shapes.

Minimalist Necklace
Credit to: shopbop

c. Pendant Necklace

Another style of necklace we commonly see is a pendant necklace, a single pendant hanging gracefully from a chain.  If you’re looking for ideas, we have made some recommendations for Pendants Every Girl Must Own. The plus point of this is style is the actual chain can be a variety of lengths so you can take into consideration her body type and style.

Diamond Heart Pendant
JEOEL Diamond Heart Pendant

Step 2: Identify the Chain and Length

When you are choosing the best chain necklaces for your pendant, these are some of the more common types of chains you are likely to come across.

Roffo or Cable,  a popular choice in the jewellery industry, has round links which give a delicate, classic look, and is suitable for a feminine gal.

For women who suit a thicker chain, try the Snake or Mesh, a woven-like chain which has a vintage appeal plus is strong and sturdy.

Is your girl of supermodel heights or a pint-size bombshell? If she has a petite frame, a long necklace may look overwhelming on her.

A short chain is approximately 40-45cm long and a good length for long necklaces is about 60-80cm long.


Step 3: Discover Her Style

The right necklace or pendant should add a complementing style to anything she wears instead of her having to buy an entirely new outfit.

If you are not sure what her style is, take some time to observe her daily wear. Paying attention as well as to what type of jewellery she already owns and wears.

For example, a woman who has a minimalistic style likes clean lines and wears mostly subdued colours may not appreciate a fancy and flamboyant necklace.  

Most girls also have a preference for specific icons. Does she like hearts, flowers or butterflies?

Or pick something in her favourite colour that could also be echoed in a specific birthstone to make it doubly meaningful. More brownie points for you!

Amethyst Courage Pendant
JEOEL Amethyst Courage Pendant

Also, take note of when she accessorises. Does she only wear jewellery at work and proceed to shed all her jewellery in the evening?

JEOEL pieces are designed to carry you from day to night; subtle enough with a short chain around the neck but has that added oomph for after office hours.

Tourmaline Sophia Locket Pendant
JEOEL Tourmaline Sophia Locket Pendant

Step 4: Know the Occasion

If you are buying for a special occasion like a birthday or your first wedding anniversary, consider a solitaire pendant featuring an everlasting gemstone.

She will then be reminded of the occasion and special meaning behind it every time she wears the gift.

If it is a gift for a fun occasion, like a promotion or upcoming holiday, consider an 18k gold plated or sterling silver fashion piece for celebrating the everyday achievements.

Commemorating an event such as a graduation or first job can be celebrated with a strand of pearls. A strand of freshwater pearls makes for a great addition any young women’s starter jewellery box.  


Step 5: Stick To Your Budget

Finally, we know that as a modern man it sometimes seems hard to please the savvy, independent, modern woman — but when investing in a necklace gift, we want you to purchase within your budget.

If you have a piece in mind, consider setting aside a small amount into an account each month until you have saved enough for that special piece.

She will appreciate it more know that you have put in the effort to save up. Even if you are working with a somewhat limited budget, you can still find many affordable necklaces by getting them at 50% off.


We Get You

We know that choosing the perfect gift requires (more than) a little bit of work.

Picking a versatile piece for her is a great way to ensure that you choose a gift that she will actually get to wear.

Planning in advance also means that picking the right style of necklace for her now will make it easier for you to choose future gifts that she is sure to love such as matching earrings and bracelets.

Rose Quartz Love Pendant
JEOEL Rose Quartz Love Pendant

All in all, gifting her a necklace presents you with the opportunity to perform that eternally romantic gesture of putting it around her neck for the first time, just like in the movies! And we think that is totally worth it.

You can further read on to find out how to best style your necklace with an outfit or if you are ready to pick out that special necklace check out our range of necklaces.

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