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Top 5 Customer Favourite Themed Charms

If you thought charm bracelets were a creation of this century, think again. The wearing of charms began a long time ago and began as a form of an amulet or talisman as good luck charms and protection against evil spirits or bad luck.

While the charms of the people long ago were made from simple stone, shells, bone or clay, these days our charms are practically pieces of dangling art made out of gemstones or silver and gold. The charm bracelet has evolved to the customisable jewellery we adorn.

Although we no longer wear charm bracelets thinking it will help the gods identify us in the afterlife, we definitely still choose charms which represent us as individuals or a piece that captures a special moment in our lives.

String your beautiful charms with the perfect themed bracelet. Maybe you will find out which one is your lucky charm among JEOEL customer’s Top 5 favourite theme charms:

  1. Animals

They say animal lovers are a special breed of humans – those with a generous spirit, full of empathy, a little prone to sentimentality but with hearts as big as a cloudless sky.

You’ll be wanting to keep this Sapphire Rabbit pendant close, a cuddly rabbit has always been a symbol of abundance, so wear her for luck and display of faithfulness to love.

Sapphire Rabbit Pendant
JEOEL Sapphire Rabbit Pendant


Perhaps the quick wit of the Diamond Fox pendant calls out to you, a symbol of cleverness and wisdom is the best companion to guide you down your destined path.

Diamond Fox Pendant
JEOEL Diamond Fox Pendant

Animals also make for very agreeable friends – they ask no questions and pass no criticism! But if the sounds of crashing waves appeal more to you, the glimmering animals from the blue oceanic sea are suited for you.

Yellow Starfish bead and Blue Starfish bead are superstars of the sea, they rely only on their senses to navigate the big blue sparkling ocean, and thus symbolise agility and sharp intuition in life.

JEOEL Starfish Bead


JEOEL Yellow Starfish Bead


Whether or not they really existed, we’ll leave that up to you to debate. Nevertheless, the cute Cloud Unicorn Charm bead is sure to remind you to always be your best, grateful and loyal.

JEOEL Cloud Unicorn Charm Bead

Explore your animal instinct HERE.

  1. Hobbies & Interest

As millennials continue increasingly working long hours, have less money for large houses and have to abide no pet rules in condominiums, many have picked up interesting hobbies and interest.

We’ve observed a lot of young people becoming plant parents! After all, it's much less work than parenting actual children or tending to pets! Soak up every minute of joy with the Watering Can bead. As they say, the grass is greener where you water it.


JEOEL Watering Can Bead

If you’re not about to exercise your green thumb, a trigger finger on the camera is just as good. Photography has always maintained a popular choice as a hobby. Take photos of your new plant babies with your Camera bead?

JEOEL Camera Bead

Find other hobby-oriented charms so you can find the perfect fit HERE.

  1. Travel

Can’t shake off that feeling of wanderlust in you? Did it stem from the time you studied abroad in London and completely fall in love with the city? Both the British Bus bead and Big Ben bead are so iconic.

JEOEL British Bus Bead

JEOEL Big Ben Bead

Or maybe you just like to wind through the streets of Paris with a fresh baguette in hand. Either way, let a travel themed charm bracelet take you there. First, hop on a flight with the World Flight Bead or via the sea on a sailboat to begin your journey. 

JEOEL World Flight Bead

JEOEL Sailboat Bead

But don’t forget, no matter how far and wide you travel, home is where the heart is. This Sail Anchor Bead symbolises that someone or something that gives support when needed. 

JEOEL Sailor Anchor Bead

Find world travel inspired charms starting from RM56.

  1. Fables & Fairytales

We have grown up with fables and fairytales read to us from books and seen from cartoons; as adults, they are a reminder that sometimes we need to take a step back from reality in order to truly appreciate life.

Reignite the child-like qualities in you by making a wish on the Magic Lamp charm so that a genie can conjure a Glittering Carriage to whisk you away to your magnificent Euro Magic Castle… bead, that is.

JEOEL Aladdin Lamp Charm Bead

JEOEL Glitter Carriage Charm

JEOEL Euro Castle Bead

Designed and made locally with meticulous quality, this theme collection of fairytale charms is a memento of forgotten adventures wandering into the enchanted lands.

Both playful and stylish elements in JEOELs Fairytale charms can be found HERE.

  1. Family & Friends

When all is said and done, family and friends themed charms remains one of the most popular because somehow, we always need a little something to remind us of home.

The Sweethome bead is a reminder that home is where love resides, memories are created and laughter never ends. A place where the seeds of hopes and dreams are planted.

JEOEL Sweethome Bead

If everyone should be so lucky to have a wholesome home, it would be a wonderful world. But when that is not the case, friends become the family you choose.

The Best Friend bead symbolises long-lasting friendship no matter the distance! Meant to be taken apart, share one half with your BFF for whenever you meet, it celebrates your union as life-long besties.

JEOEL Best Friend Bead

Home is also a reminder of childhood and as you grow older you will begin to build your very own family. Commemorate the birth of your own little one into this world with the Colourful Pram bead. 

JEOEL Colour Pram Bead

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and feels even better to come back”. Friends and family themed charmed and beads HERE.

Other popular charms that didn’t quite make the list include love charm and flower charm, these two make for the ultimate feminine combinations!

If you want to save the hassle of figuring how to best match your beads together on a bracelet, check out JEOEL’s pre-matched BB sets.

If you prefer to try it in person, JEOEL has stores at these locations in the Klang Valley. Just ask a friendly sales person to help you personalise your very own beads bracelet.

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