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Top 10 Best Trendy Earrings of 2019

If like us, you didn’t have the chance to hit the fashion capitals of the world in Paris and Milan during Fashion Month, we have put together a roundup of the Top 10 Spring/Summer 2018 earrings trend for easier referencing.

It’s also probably easier on the wallet instead of buying that flight ticket.

Although we noticed a gravitation away from the minimalist vibes to bold designs with loud accessories doing the talking, there was still a mix of subtle earrings to complete the outfits.

You get to decide your personal preference, just make sure you turn heads this season.

1. Baroque Revival


Dolce & Gabanna, Spring 2018
Credit to


Baroque is the highly ornate and extravagant style of the European 17th to 18th  century that has inspired more than a millennia of architecture, art and music. Dolce & Gabbana, a supporter of aristocratic style, runway look had gemstone studded jewellery sets including a magnificent tiara that was simply regal.

Sagrada Earrings

If you are not attending a grand ball, we suggest JEOEL’s baroque-style cross
Sagrada Earrings will fit more seamlessly into today’s modern trend.


2. Tutti Fruity


Tutti Fruity
Credit to SLFFashion



Tutti Fruity
Credit to


Looks like the sweeping health craze is not just confined to the fitness arena! Designers served up various fruits on the menu of the wholesome runway from Balenciaga’s yummy bunch of grapes to Jacquemus’ mismatched lemons.

Not to mention even Dolce & Gabbana’s carrot extravaganza any rabbit would go crazy for! These earrings will make sure we are all summer getaway ready to enjoy that tropical sunset.

3. Animal Kingdom


Bird Earring
Credit to


We saw the gentle butterfly sitting on Gigi Hadid’s neckline and the zoo scenes from Prada starting with zebra and leopard-spot prints to unexpected bat and lobster earrings.

However, at Erdem the humble bird hangs on the ears of the models, celebrating the various animals from all over the kingdom.

Find your own birds of paradise with the wise Owl Be Watching You Earrings.

4. Mis Matched


Mismatched Earrings
Credit to


It’s all eyes on your ears with this trend! After the matchy head-to-toe looks of Fall/Winter 2018, earrings have found a new inspired balance exemplified in this pair of mismatched earrings by Oscar de la Renta.

The recent runways displayed myriads of pairs that did not match - not only in terms of length or colour but some completely at odds. We guess it is all about a fun and happy vibes of summer!

5. In The Loop


In The Loop Earrings
Credit to


The big invasion of hoop earrings from the early ‘90s still lives! What makes this earring trend so in demand is its super practical form that goes pretty well with almost everything.

It could be the neverending loop of sparkles of Christopher Kane’s earrings that catches your eye or perhaps the simplified version of clean hoop earrings by Fenty x Puma by Rihanna.

We just wouldn’t recommend you to wear it at the gym. Either way, the circle never ends!


In The Loop Earrings
Credit to


6. Shimmy Shoulders


Shimmy Shoulder Earrings
Credit to


Chandeliers are sometimes better on your ears than on the ceiling. After the reign of studs and ear cuffs, Spring/Summer 2018 runway saw a lineup of mega long length earrings that tumbled way past the shoulders.

Perfect for the off-shoulder tops this season. They can be as complicated as green beauty pictured above by Marc Jacobs or as simple as a single thin row of gems, such as these Palermo earrings with Amethysts and Aqua Chalcedony.

7. Natural Pearls


Natural Pearl Earrings
Credit to Vogue


Despite their masculine coats and pantsuits, Céline made sure to toss in some femininity with drops of pearls. Romantic pearls set against the crazy modern world is any girl’s wardrobe essential - the classic pair of pearls to wear for work, elevating your office wear to a confident goddess.

Our favourite is the Pearly Reindeer earrings

8. Plastic Chic


Plastic Chic Earrings
Credit to Telegraph


Like drops of clear water, Chanel has got you covered for the rainy season with a play on transparent see-through earrings and necklaces that does not distract from your outfit. In fact, Chanel is making just about everything transparent - thigh-high plastic boots, cap, and even cutout gloves.

This trend is sure to become viral… maybe not for the best of reasons.

We've got a mauve version of it with natural Amethysts in this pair.

9. Zig Zag Movements



Zig Zag Earrings
Credit to


Straight lines do the talking – a true example of simple yet bold. Roksanda, who studied architecture in her native Serbia, presents zigzag lines and holding up raw beads and gemstones.

The shoulder grazing dimensions of these pieces also reflect the long earring trend.

If you prefer elegant ribbons, check out our variation of these earrings

10. Tied Up



Tied Up Earrings
Credit to



Do you feel roped in by this boho-chic trend? We can already picture this Spring Summer rope earring by Christopher Kane to hit the stores in a variety colours. We of course wait in anticipation for them to appear in many upcoming Coachella #OOTD moments.

A more everyday easy-to-wear version we have here, featuring natural gems.

If you like the trends here but prefer them in toned-down and easy-to-match sizes, do check out our range of earrings here.

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