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In our years of service, we witness first hand that jewellery means more than just beauty to our customers. This episode, we focus on a male customer, as male customers too have been nothing but supportive in our business journey.

Some male customers found us on social media or Google, others know us through their girlfriends/wives who buy from us. But the one thing these guys always agree on is the value for money on buying JEOEL, as they have told us that they don’t understand why they should pay so much for foreign branding and they would much rather pay a fair price for quality they can see.

The truth is, men know that buying women jewellery is the ultimate gesture of pampering her, because jewellery is a purchase that indulges only her. It’s not like practical belonging that benefits both the husband and wife, such as a house or a TV.

So for women, when we are gifted with jewellery, we feel deeply appreciated!

For this episode, we have a story that pays tribute to our male customers.

Mark’s story

Mark is an Events Manager who has busy schedule despites being a daddy of one.

After work, his free time is spent with his family and friends on occasional weekends. Every two months or so, he will visit us and check out what new additions he can buy for his wife’s jewellery collection, as JEOEL products are affordable and in high quality.

When invited to tell us his story, we find out the cheeky reason behind it!

He discloses that jewellery is a way to show his wife that he appreciates her, and that it makes her happy enough to take care of their son when he goes out to hang with his friends!

We all know that he a good joke, but it put a smile on our faces!

A male customer favourite is the Cuddle collection, as this romantic pendant also functions as a promise ring, featuring natural gems such as Iolite, Green Tourmaline, Rhodolite Garnet, or Moonstone.

Other popular items are beads, as it is meaningful to first gift your significant other with a bracelet, and continuously add beads for every milestone in life.

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