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MORE THAN BLING [Episode 6] ✨ Liana #Sharing

In our years of service, we witness first hand that jewellery means more than just beauty to our customers. For some people, it’s a form of expression or confidence, but for others, it helps to strengthen bonds and love.

With Mother’s Day just passed, we interviewed Liana who brought her daughter along with her.

Liana’s Story

Having a daughter is a wish most mothers’ hope for, because that means we get to share pretty things together! For Liana, it’s exactly that, especially since her daughter is attracted to her jewellery collection.

She tells us that choosing jewellery at JEOEL together with her daughter becomes a fun interaction between mother and daughter. Although her daughter is very young, she does enjoy looking at different pretty things in JEOEL. When Liana herself if choosing something she likes, she is sure to ask for her daughter’s opinion.

To Liana, this interaction is a bonding moment for them, and for pieces that her daughter likes, it also means that she can share the jewellery piece with her daughter from time to time.


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