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MORE THAN BLING [Episode 5] ✨ JC and Yuriko #Memory

In our years of service, we witness first hand that jewellery means more than just beauty to our customers. For some people, it’s a form of expression or confidence, but for others, it helps to strengthen bonds and love.

Sisters CJ and Yuriko are two halves of a beautiful whole. When we first knew them, we were enamoured by their closeness, their synchrony in sharing everything together.

A sister is someone who you share plenty of memories with, but a sister is also a friend and your best supporter for life. CJ and Yuriko are the best examples of that.  

CJ and Yuriko’s story

CJ and Yuriko knew us from a shopping trip in JEOEL, Sunway Pyramid. They spotted the Eiffel Tower charm and the design reminded them so much of their
wonderful vacation in Paris.

This story resonates well with a lot of our customers. Because when we choose jewellery, certain designs call out to us more, and we can kind of imagine it being in our lives.

Usually it’s because the design evokes a certain feeling or memory in us, that we treasure very much.

It’s a powerful gesture when CJ and Yuriko both bought the charm that means a lot to them, to share that strong feeling together.

We always believe in a jewellery’s value cannot be measured by its monetary value only. A piece of jewellery design, if it connects well with the customer, can prove to be a physical reminder of the values that she believes in and represents her life journey. 

This is the true power of jewellery to women.

Check out the Eiffel Tower charm here, representing the city of love. It is from the Love Story collection which gathers fond memories of travels, engagements, weddings, first love and etc.

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