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MORE THAN BLING [Episode 3] ✨ Jazzlyn #Independence

In our years of service, we witness firsthand that jewellery means more than just beauty to our customers. For some people, it’s a form of expression or confidence, but for others, it helps to strengthen bonds and love.

From our diverse customer base, we got the opportunity to present Jazzlyn’s unique story and point of view – she explains that to her, jewellery pieces important symbols of treasured relationships, and coming of age.

The story behind Jazzlyn

A university student, Jazzlyn spoke with a quiet confidence and certainty which impressed our team, because it shows her maturity and deep thought process.

She was willing to go on camera for the interview, but we didn’t expect to discover the sentimental story behind her first JEOEL gift for her 21st birthday.

Her passion for jewellery was sparked from a maiden jewellery shopping trip with her best friend, building a wonderful memory from sharing matching necklaces.

She first got to know JEOEL when she turned 21 years old, as her parents bought her a beautiful key pendant, embellished with natural Pink Tourmalines.

To her, the gift itself meant that she would always be able to carry around a symbol of gratitude towards her parents, for raising her into an independent adult.

Tourmalines symbolise Creativity and Understanding, just befitting for a talented personality such as Jazzlyn.

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Watch Jazzlyn's video below:

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