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MORE THAN BLING [Episode 2] ✨ Sakinah #Love

In our years of service, we witness firsthand that jewellery means more than just beauty to our customers. For some people, it’s a form of expression or confidence, but for others, it helps to strengthen bonds and love.

We interviewed customer Sakinah, she tells us that she discovered that jewellery is a wearable piece of love, from daughter to mother, from husband to wife.

The story behind Sakinah

Sakinah is a housewife and part-time model who loves outdoor activities.

We were mesmerized with her effortless elegance and eloquence during the video shoot!

She first learned about JEOEL when her husband bought her an affordable pendant from us.

Having learnt more about us, she tells us her favourite JEOEL item is the Kaleido Lucky Clover pendant, featuring genuine diamonds, which you can style multiple ways for more than 3 different looks!

Her interest in jewellery began when she spotted a design she liked while shopping with mom. With her first job’s pay cheque, she then decided to buy her mom a ring to thank her. It’s not a usual choice for every lady, but we were moved by her sincerity. It paid off, as her mom was touched by the gift!

Jewellery is very personal gift especially from daughter to mother, and mother to daughter. A mother is the first person in a daughter’s life to teach her how to best be a lady, from the way she speaks to the way she dresses. That’s how she shows her love.

What better way to show our love back by getting mom something beautiful and trendy, just like Sakinah.

Watch her video below:

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