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How to Choose the Right Necklace With Different Necklines 2019

Any accessory can make or break your look but a necklace stands out in particular as it can become a main focal point of your outfit. We have pointed out how significant a necklace can be for someone and how difficult it may be to buy it as a gift.

When picking your own a necklace, remember that as a frame to your face and sometimes even your back, there are more things to take into account than you think.

You may want to consider the 3 most important elements; colour, scale and style of the pieces, while also keeping the occasion in mind.

1. Colour

Colour Wheel
Credit to: Rae Wright Artistry


When you are wearing black, white or other neutrals, generally any type of necklace in any colour would look stylish.

If you are wearing a colourful outfit, make sure your necklace selection does not clash with the clothes but also with the overall combination of other accessories.

Choosing complimenting colours that are side by side on the wheel work very well together but not all girls aim to blend in. If you want to stand out, choose colours that are opposite of each other on the wheel.

Pairing these colours is bold and adventurous and create a vibrant look but remember that some shades just don’t work too well which each other.

For example, avoid pairing red with green unless it is the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas.

A safe choice, particularly for daily wear would be a simple plain necklace in a sterling silver, rose gold or yellow gold.

Mini Cabachon
JEOEL Mini Cabachon Drop


This Mini Cabachon necklace adds just a hint of colour with its three natural Blue Topazes, guaranteed to brighten up any outfit.

2. Scale

The scale of your necklace is important too. When you are wearing patterns and frills, simple accessories are the best option.

Large necklaces on more print will only result with a busy look, making it look tacky.

If it is a plain top, layered beaded necklace or chunkier ones act can as the pattern.

JEOEL Austen Pendant
JEOEL Austen Pendant


The JEOEL Austen Pendant is like a mini necklace on a necklace. Just the perfect size when you hang your necklace on the ribbon to show off the bright heart-shaped natural gemstone.  

If you have a petite frame, a long necklace may look overwhelming on you but shorter ladies could also benefit from wearing heels paired with a simple long necklace to create an elongated look.

Plus-size and hourglass-shaped girls look simply fabulous with long thick necklaces to balance out their curves.


3. Style For The Occasion

Dinner party with the in-laws? A fancy night out with the girls? Boardroom meeting with the top CEOs?

The classic little black dress or white shirt and jeans can look completely different depending on your choice of necklace.

Here are some common options to consider, depending on the outfit you have picked out for the night:

a. V Neck at Work

Helena Locket Pendant
JEOEL Helena Locket Pendant


For a casual V neck t-shirt, the shorter necklace would keep attention off your chest and more on your beautiful face.

There is also nothing more unattractive about constantly pulling your necklace out of your shirt. Just throw on a well-fitted jacket and you’re ready to lead that meeting.

b. V Neck for Play

V Neck for Play
Credit to:


A deep V for the night out is a perfect canvas to experiment with necklaces.

A longer Y-shaped pendant necklace will provide an elegant look but do try to avoid a round necklace for it will contrast the V-shaped neckline.

c. Sweetheart at Work

Sweetheart at Work
Credit to:


A sweetheart neckline is more commonly seen in more formal dresses. In line with its name; sweetheart already carries a feminine tone, so select more dainty necklaces which are suitable for work.

It is a great chance for a shorter necklace – like a choker.

d. Sweetheart for Play

Sweetheart for Play
Credit to: StyleBistro


A sweetheart neckline at a party can be a great frame for a bold statement necklace. Just make sure it’s closer to your neck and select a style with a slight V or drop pendant which will enhance your cleavage.


e. Halter at Work

Halter at Work
Credit to: The Chriselle Factor


Halter tops already have a lot going on up top, you may even want to skip the necklace altogether! But we recommend a thin minimalistic necklace if you must have some bling around your neck.


f. Halter for Play

Halter for Play
Credit to: fashionFoot


Adding a statement necklace makes it look like it’s part of the dress itself. A contrasting colour is best for that immediate red carpet look. You will sure to be turning heads.

g. Scoop / Round Neck at Work

Lady Grey Necklace
JEOEL Lady Grey Necklace


Round neck tops are every girl’s wardrobe staple.  For work, besides a simple chain, hanging pendants or lockets on fine chains is also possible as there is plenty of space to fill.

h. Scoop / Round Neck for Play

Round Neck for Play
Credit to: Pinterest


Why wear one when you can wear them all! Multiple strands of beads or pendants of varying lengths will be an interesting choice for the night time.


i. Backless at Work

Backless at Work
Credit to: Ozel Dugun


Although we don’t see many backless dresses being worn at work, a simple single strand necklace can accentuate without being over the top.

j. Backless for Play

Backless for Play
Credit to: Arabia Weddings


Currently trending, backless wedding dresses are going so low it’s nearing the tushie. We can understand why though – guests are looking at your back as you walk down the aisle arriving at the altar.

By choosing something more elaborate with Pearls and Diamonds, you’ll have their jaws dropping.

k. One-shoulder at Work

One-shoulder at Work
Credit to: Itsy Bitsy Indulgences


One shoulder tops in white and blue pinstripes are just about everywhere. A long chain creates a bohemian yet professional look but bear in mind to keep it simple.

l. One-shoulder for Play

One-shoulder for Play
Credit to: closetvive


The one-shoulder formal dress exudes an edgy aura and can be further enhanced by a short length necklace such as bib and choker necklace.

For both options however, we recommend that you choose to accessorise with either the necklace OR earrings but not both as it would make the overall look appear lopsided.

m. Button-Up at Work

A discreet necklace like this Amulette De Cartier is a fantastic piece to be paired with your formal shirts. Our Iolite Cuddle Ring Necklace is much more affordable and just as stunning – a must add to your collection.

Iolite Cuddle Ring Necklace
JEOEL Iolite Cuddle Ring Necklace

n. Button-Up for Play

Button Up for Play
Credit to: Southern Charm


Button up shirts is not just for the office! Seen here, colour and patterned co-ordination done to perfection, topped off with a larger statement necklace.

A necklace has the power to propel your outfit from drab to fab.  Mixing and matching basics with your necklaces can also help extend your wardrobe because you can achieve multiple looks from the one same dress.

Have fun exploring and shopping for the styles to suit you best!

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