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Guide To: The Office Lady’s #OOTD

When it comes to workwear, things can get tricky sometimes.  Ranging from strict dress codes to a full on day-to-night schedule; mornings can become a nightmare trying to put together a look that both reflect your personal style and also professionalism.

The secret is to find out your “uniform” – a personal style of basics that work effortlessly together. We are here to help decode your offices’ dress code by putting together some looks.

Traditional Business Attire

Traditional Business Attire
Credit to: The Fashion Spot

Also known as business professional attire, this look is usually formal and consists of a crisp button-up shirt and suit jacket.  Nothing else says you mean business than a sharp and well fitted two piece. The only accessory you might need here is a bold red lip so go easy on the accessories such as with a delicate piece on your finger. This Love Knot Ring with a Diamond will give you the determination to close that big deal.

JEOEL Love Knot Ring Pendant

In some companies, your corporate attire rules may require you to wear headscarves. That should not stop you from making a statement. Choose some elegant yet bold earrings such as these Sea Princess earrings with exotic Aquamarine and Blue Topaz natural gemstones.

Sea Princess Earrings
JEOEL Sea Princess Earrings

If your bosses are not too fussed, the Unicorn Diamond earrings are also a fun way to inject your youthfulness into a serious outfit.

Unicorn Diamond Earrings
JEOEL Unicorn Diamond Earrings

Smart Casual Business Attire

Smart Casual Business Attire
Credit to: Styleonme

A toned down version of the traditional attire, we think this look is encompassed by the Korean OL office fashion wear.  This look is conservative with tops normally covering up to the neck yet it has a touch of girliness with lots of chiffon and injections of floral patterns. 

Diamond Flower Fan Pendant
JEOEL Diamond Flower Fan Pendant

No loud jewellery needed here, like this Diamond Flower Fan is a perfect subtle piece. The Flower Fan signifies both love and beauty and yet is a useful item in our lives and we cannot live without it. Make your mark at the workplace by showing them you are indispensable too!

Of course, we understand that sometimes being girly at the workplace can be hard in a man’s world. Use the Diamond Crown pendant to remind you to believe in yourself and keep your chin up, Princess!

Diamond Crown Pendant
JEOEL Diamond Crown Pendant

Business Casual Attire

Business Casual Attire
Credit to:stylecracker

A business casual look could be a formal dress made casual with something like a denim blazer or pairing of a plain coloured top with relaxed slacks. The awesome news is, you finally have more freedom to explore a little more chunky accessories here!

Business Casual Attire
Credit to:9to5Chic

We think our Lady Luck collection is the perfect fit. A set of charms and beads showing your fun and serious side. Inspired by a lady's essential charms in life, such as the Handbag Bead to keep all your essential needs inside while the Triple Heart bead shows a lady's heart shines rainbow colours, as she fills and inspires others especially when it comes to climbing the career ladder.


Lady Luck Collection
JEOEL Lady Luck Collection

If chunky jewellery is not your thing, the Moon Princess earrings cleverly express both casual and chic, adding just the right amount of allure for an after work date look.

Moon Princess Earrings
JEOEL Moon Princess Earrings

Casual Attire

Casual Attire
Credit to:Pinterest

Lucky you as your place of work must be a bunch of fun! Casually attired workplaces usually allow cotton dresses and jeans so you can jazz your outfit up some with tons of fun jewellery. The Fantasy Force collection’s whimsical charm bracelet is sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Fantasy Force
JEOEL Fantasy Force Collection

But sometimes fun also needs an injection of seriousness which can be done by throwing on a blazer and covered shoes over your unicorn print dress (yes, we know you have it under there!).

Casual Work Attire
Credit to:Megan Kristine Blog

Layering jewellery is accepted here too! Try it with the Sapphire Space Dancer pendant on a short chain. This with galaxy coloured Sapphires is inspired by movements of the universe, give it a spin it to get rid of all the bad juju at the office!

Sapphire Space Dancer Pendant
JEOL Sapphire Space Dancer Pendant

We know having to make the best impression on not only your boss but also clients, subordinates and even co-workers each and every morning can get to you.  The first step is to determine your “uniform” and then make it unique by editing with your own touch of individuality. With the help of some beautiful accessories and jewellery, you’ll be leaving the house with sheer grit for success!

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