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First Timers Guide To Selecting Fine Jewellery For Yourself

So you’re in the market for buying yourself a nice piece of jewellery. Perhaps as a pat on the back for doing a great job at work and being awarded a nice big fat bonus or celebration of a milestone birthday such as your 21st birthday.

However, you naturally find yourself gravitating towards trending fashion accessories that is cheap to buy and maybe you can buy 3 for the price of 1! Have you ever thought about making an investment into fine jewellery instead?

The term investing may seem a bit foreign for jewellery especially with the advent of fast-moving fashion, changing styles every fortnight. But just as you’re about to swipe the card on your hard earned dollars, take a moment to ask yourself – why spend hard earned money on cheap accessories that will probably rust or break easily?

We show you how it’s time to “move up” to selecting an important piece of fine jewellery for yourself.

Find A Piece That Has An Eye Towards The Future

We don’t mean designer jewellery that is futuristic and on the cutting edge of a new fad. Jewellery design is important so that we can be sure the pieces will stand the test of time. Investment pieces should look suitable to be worn right now, likewise many years down the road. The more unusual or outlandish the jewellery design, the more likely it will quickly become dated and you should recognise that it is not a ‘forever’ piece.

Our Cuddle Ring is a great example of a ‘forever’ piece. Everything from the solitaire natural gem in the center, representing our pure hearts to the dual purpose outer halo with glittering White Topazes describes everything you should look for in an everlasting jewellery design. This fine jewellery is versatile and thoughtful, ensuring that it doesn’t end up being donated away in the next two years.

JEOEL Tourmaline Cuddle Ring Necklace

Try To Make Informed Choices

Take a little time to do your homework and be sure that you’re not making a poor investment letting your impulses decided your jewellery purchases. We realise that you may want the latest popular jewellery – a spike-studded bangle for example. But take a moment to keep in mind the requirement to your due diligence when making purchases by noting some important factors.

One important factor is what the jewellery material is made of. This is important to understand whether your current favourite piece can last for a few years of wearing.

JEOEL products are made of 925 sterling silver (a precious metal that lasts and ages better than brass used in fashion accessories) and plated in either rhodium or rose gold. Rhodium not makes the jewels looking as bright as white gold but also protects the silver underneath from oxidizing, making it hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin.

It could be a classic popular jewellery design that features your birthstone or even fashionable plating colours such as rose gold, remind yourself that there are plenty of jewels in the sea to choose from.  Our Guardian Angels key pendant, an exceptional piece of fine jewellery has a playful twist – it may be opened like a locket, to keep something special from a loved one. A piece of popular jewellery for you to one day pass on to your future little daughter on her 21st birthday.

Select based on gemstones you’d like, from Pink Tourmalines that represent Creativity, to Blue Topaz that represent Communication.

JEOEL Guardian Angels Collection
JEOEL Guardian Angels Collection

Discover Your Style

Start by reflecting on how often you will be wearing the piece. Will it become your signature piece? We spend most of our days at work, so you can also consider making your choice based on your office dress code. Whether you like beads and bracelets or solitaire gemstones, choosing a fine jewellery piece that reflects your personality will never go out of style.

Life changing events that you will continue to remember forever is also part of how those moments have affected you as an individual. Having a baby is one such significant milestone.  JEOEL’s Baby Diary collection is made to treasure a little one who holds a special place in our hearts!

JEOEL Baby Diary Collection
JEOEL Baby Diary Collection

Splurge a Little…

… but maybe it isn’t as much as you think! We all know of popular jewelry like the USD6,500 price tag on the Cartier Love Bracelet and the Bvlgari rings starting from USD 2,000. We understand these brands are backed by years of fine craftsmanship but not all fine designer jewellery has to cost an arm and a leg. JEOEL has a selection of Diamond fine jewellery from a very affordable RM179.

The Diamond Kaleido Promise pendant is a special designer piece, with a sparkling natural diamond embedded amongst two rose gold wings, it represents a promise of determination to yourself, inspired by the kaleidoscope – a symbol of being able to adapt constantly.

The interchangeable pendant can be worn in two ways, making it a wise investment.

Kaleido Promise Pendant

Kaleido Promise Pendant
JEOEL Kaleido Promise Pendant

When You’re Not Really Sure

When in real doubt after reading so many articles on the Internet, step into a jewellery store to talk to an expert whose knowledge of fine jewellery combined with your keen fashion sense will help you make your decision.

Fashion, by its very nature, goes through cycles. The fine jewellery you buy today may not be as trendy in a few years, but if you love it, hang on to it and take good care of it. It will likely become chic again – the true mark of a classic piece, your quality piece will last for many generations, and even to be shared amongst sisters! There is also something oddly satisfying one day hearing your offspring say, “this belonged to my Mother, she’s had that this that beautiful piece for years.”

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