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8 Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings in Malaysia

The most romantic jewellery piece a woman can own, is her engagement ring.

If you’re not sure a traditional diamond solitaire is your-kind-of-thing, you are not alone. There are other alternative engagement rings which may suit you and your partner.

While traditionally an investment-value diamond ring (assessed by the 4Cs) is the preferred choice, however these days, some couples are seeking to get alternative engagement rings, to show that their relationship is like no other.

Diamond-alternative engagement rings might carry her favourite natural gemstone, to symbolise deep values you hold dear in your relationship, or a unique design that reflects her personal style.

Whichever your choice, we have some options for you that are a little out of the ordinary. Our rings are also budget-friendly, as they are made of 925 sterling silver, and plated with Rhodium for a white-gold-like luxurious finish.

Sapphire Peace

Sapphire Peace Ring

Sapphires have been associated with royalty and romance since antiquity. The durability of sapphires makes them an excellent choice for engagement rings.

Surrounded by a halo of White Topazes that symbolise purity, this ring features a natural Sapphire, representing Joy, Peace and Loyalty.

For anyone born in September, Sapphires make the perfect gem.

Natural Sapphires are mined from a variety of sources including Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Australia.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz represents Ambition, Communication, and Honesty – the requirements of a modern and genuine relationship.

As December's birthstone, it is a customer favourite after the Blue Sapphire.

It’s not hard to understand why - it has a brilliant sparkle naturally, and its electric blue colour makes it so attractive to match with everyday outfits.

Hollywood is also very fond of the blue gem, famously worn at award ceremonies by Cate Blanchett, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.

Topazes are typically mined from Brazil, the US, Myanmar, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Ruby Passion

Did you know that Ruby is actually the red form of Sapphire?

Both Ruby and Sapphire are from the corundum mineral species, but Ruby is the most valuable variety because of its rarity.

Its colour and rarity has made it popular since ancient times, symbolising love, romance and power.

Today Ruby represents Passion and Adventure, featured in this ring, sealed with a bow embellished by natural White Topazes.

Rubies are typically mined from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mozambique, the Himalayas and northern Vietnam.


Rose Quartz Love

This dainty piece is one for dreamers!

Flanked by petite sparkling White Topazes on the sides, this natural Rose Quartz ring is so easy to be worn daily.

Representing Unconditional Love and Romance, the Rose Quartz is also January's birthstone.

Rose Quartz gets its delicate pink colour from microscopic inclusions of mineral fibres, and it is Rose typically mined from Brazil, India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

Rainbow Tourmaline

The October birthstone, Tourmaline is a valued gemstone in the industry, for its variety of exciting colours, from mixed watermelon tones, to electric blue-green to shocking pinks!

This ring carries all colours of natural Tourmalines, which represents Creativity and Understanding.

The reason why this ring has 7 Tourmalines, is because there are 7 characters in the word FOREVER.

Tourmaline is mined from the United States of America, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

 Tourmaline Angel Heart

This ring is actually a two-piece item. You put on the middle piece with a Pink Tourmaline, and then you put in the outer halo embellished with Cubic Zirconia stones.

Relaxing and nurturing, Pink Tourmaline is associated with feminine energies.

Pink and red tourmalines from America was shipped to China during the Qing dynasty because it was much adored by the Chinese Dowager Empress Tz'u Hsi.

 Kaleido Daisy Diamond

If you’re still a fan of diamonds but not necessarily its hefty price tag, consider this petite ring.

It features 4 small but sparkling natural Diamonds, shining in its beautiful blossoming design.

When buying small diamonds, the most important thing is to get ones that are clean, close to white rather than grey or brown, and get ones that sparkle brilliantly.

Afterall, Diamonds represent Determination and Forever.

 Follow Your Bliss Emerald

As the gem of spring, Emerald is May’s birthstone, always associated with lush green landscapes, earning legendary admiration from Spanish explorers.

This minimalist ring features natural Emeralds, symbolising Hope and Harmony, and also brilliant White Topazes.


This design collection Follow Your Bliss uses natural gemstones on a set path, inspiring you to follow after what fuels you to be a better, happier person.

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