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7 Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019

Choosing a car, easy. Choosing a watch, no problem.

Choosing jewellery for your girlfriend or partner for Valentine’s Day... How do we even begin??

At some stage of your intimate relationship, you would have thought of getting her a pendant as a jewellery gift. A pendant is how she can keep you close to her heart.

It is a rather romantic gesture – a pretty pendant should highlight her best features, as she would wear it everywhere she goes.

But if she hasn’t shown you exactly what she likes, how does a guy even start choosing one she will like?  

Let’s take a look at some fail-proof/ fool-proof options, that are beautiful for everyday wear.

Rose Gold pendant

If you’re looking for something modern and unique, you can’t go wrong with a rose gold pendant.

In recent years, blush-coloured metal has enjoyed renewed interest as an alternative to the regular silver or yellow gold, providing vintage-inspired elegance, classic beauty and flattering on most skin tones.

It’s not hard to see why, rose gold has undeniable fashion appeal and is a subtle complement to her femininity.

Classic Diamond pendant

Let’s face it. Diamonds never go out of style. A natural diamond also symbolises a real promise for eternity, sincerity and determination.

It does not carry the serious promise of an engagement ring, but it does show her that you are interested to continue your relationship.

It’s also a bonus if you are able to tell your beloved that you got her her first real diamond pendant as well.


Sapphire or Ruby pendant

Sapphire or Ruby are still the most popular and sought-after gems in this modern age.

They are the king and queen of gems, because not only are they the rarest of all precious gemstones, they also bear passionate colours that represent loyalty and romance.

Surround it with shiny White Topazes, set in a dainty piece, it is just the right size for an elegant, minimal look.

Blue or Red, pick her favourite colour that she will wear more often.

Ultraviolet pendant

If she’s creative and fashion-forward, consider getting her a pendant that contains the 2018 Pantone colour of the year.

This would be in the form of an Amethyst pendant. Ever sweet and in an elegant purple hue, there are plenty of cool designs to choose from on at a fair price.


Charms are becoming a staple in a ladies’ jewellery closet. Charms worn with bracelets can be very trendy. One way to maximise a charm is to also wear it as a pendant.

Pick a cute one that represents her quirky side, and she will treasure for many years to come.

Interchangeable, Play pendant

For the playful gal, you can up her game with an interchangeable (or customisable pendant).

How does it work?

She can take the pendant apart and wear different pieces depending on her mood for the day or to complement different outfits.

This is a perfect gift from an Instagram husband, as it has the potential to transform her OOTD in a day.



Every girl needs a little bit of magic in her life! A natural moonstone is a gem that is like magic itself, as it contains an optical illusion – a good moonstone should have an ethereal sheen that floats on the surface when she moves.

The sheen may be blue or white. Very subtle but special enough to make her feel like a moon goddess.

Curious to see what designs are out there?

Check out more pendant designs here.

Of course, you would want to match your pendants with other accessories. Here are 5 bracelet designs to get you going!

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