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16 Hidden Meanings Behind Bracelet Gemstones 2019

The history of bracelets goes way way back, back to 5,000 B.C where archaeological evidence reveals Ancient Egyptians wearing bracelets.

We’re pretty sure Cleopatra loved her bracelets as much as we love her for popularising the winged eyeliner look.

While the Egyptians wore bracelets for religious and spiritual interests, today we use it as an effortless way to easily dress up any outfit.

So easily available are all these bracelets in an unimaginable variety, that many people tend to wear them without knowing what the symbolism means.

For example, Chaumet’s ABC collection creates a series of Victorian England-inspired acrostic jewellery that embodies the meaning of a romantic gesture. It uses different gemstones to spell out the first letters of the corresponding alphabet.

Chaumet Bracelet
Credit to Chaumet

This Chaumet ABC bracelet spells out 'A.M.O.U.R’ (love) in a colourful row of Amethyst, Morganite, Opal, Uvite and Rhodolite gemstones. How cute and thoughtful is that? What an ultimate token of affection!

Have you ever wondered if your gemstone bracelet could hold a deeper meaning?

Natural gemstones are formed within the Earth millions of years before; each one carries with them a deep history of unique mythology that can inspire us in achieving our daily objectives.

1. Amethyst represents Calm

Once as rare and expensive as Rubies and Emeralds, the Amethyst has created a cult following for its beautiful deep purple hue. If it is beautiful enough to be used in the crown jewels, is sure is beautiful enough for girls born in February. Although you may not be able to own any crown jewels, this friendship bracelet will be much more meaningful.   

Amethyst Bracelet
JEOEL Amethyst Bracelet

Traditionally believed to drive away evil thoughts and inspire inner strength, today it is said to bring about a feeling of tranquility and balance.

2. Rose Quartz represents Unconditional Love

Favoured by many for its pastel pink tones, it has become to be known as the love stone. It is often associated romance and a feminine energy. Although it also carries feelings of compassion and peace, do not mistake its wearer for being a pushover.

The girl who wears the Rose Quartz is wildly intelligent; has an inspiring appreciation for beauty in art, music and the written word.

This suitable piece can be worn to your next visit to the art gallery.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelet
JEOEL Rose Quartz Bracelet

3. Labradorite represents Wisdom

Labradorite is a special greyish-green stone with a magical optical effect - when you gently turn it, there is a beautiful blue sheen that floats across the surface. A gemstone said to increase intuition and in turn helping to banish fears and insecurities.

The Labradorite Kismet Oval Facet Bracelet is one that represents a belief that one has the power to control your future. The friendship-style bracelet is tied around the wrist and knotted close. Wear your bracelet out in the sun to see it glimmer, and you will shine along with it.

Labradorite Bracelet
JEOEL Labradorite Bracelet

4. Amazonite represents Hope

This March Birthstone is called the stone of hope. One of the many theories of the origin of its name is said to be linked to the Amazonian women who worshipped the goddess Diana, for her bravery.

Amazonite represents communication, an important aspect in the human relationship. It also represents truth and honour, both admirable qualities to have.  Its exotic greenish-blue shade looks good on any skintone, and is a popular customer favourite.

We all need a Wonder Gemstone in our lives sometimes.

Amazonite Bracelet
JEOEL Amazonite Bracelet

5. Diamonds represent Determination

Perhaps the most famous gemstone of all – Diamonds. They signify determination and forever due to its everlasting qualities.

DeGem Tennis Bracelet
DeGem Diamond Tennis Bracelet

While one of JEOEL’s signature products are its natural diamonds, starting from RM149, owning a full diamond tennis bracelet may burn a hole in your favourite purse.

A budget-friendly alternative to diamonds is cubic zirconia. This clear white stone sparkles just as much as a diamond (maybe even more!) plus you can have much more fun styling your bracelet with a variety of JEOEL beads to suit your every whim and fancy.

Cubic Zirconia Bracelet
JEOEL Starry Twinkle Bracelet

6. Aquamarine represents the Sea

 A March birthstone, Aquamarine gets its name from Latin "aqua marina" which means "sea water".  This gemstone is said to be associated with both serenity and faithfulness. If you feel a calmness wash over you as you enjoy a day at the beach or if you have an inclination for mermaids, this gem is for you.

In ancient lore, it is said that the beautiful pale blue Aquamarine is thought to be the treasure of the mermaids.

Aquamarine Bracelet
JEOEL Aquamarine Bracelet

7. Jade represents Protection

With deep roots in ancient China, people wore Jade to ward off evil and injury. It is believed, that because Jade is a living thing, it protects and heals the spirit and body, chipping or breaking when it takes the impact of an injury rather than that its wearer.

Many Chinese also wore jade to indicate his or her social status.

Seen as ‘ah ma’ type of jewellery, designers such as Choo Yilin are modernising Jade jewellery by transporting it into the 21st Century with her contemporary designs.

Jade Bracelet
Credit to The Wedding Scoop

8. Sapphire represents Heaven

Although most of us know it as the blue gemstone seen in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, Sapphires actually come in the whole spectrum of rainbow colours! Apart from the red coloured one, known as Ruby, this gemstone is also a September baby’s birthstone. Traditionally associated with loyalty, royalty and romance today a Sapphire symbolises Joy and Peace.

Sapphire Bracelet
Credit to

Great to be worn for a formal event, Sapphires adds oodles of class to any outfit.

9. Ruby represents Passion

This one is for the girl who has a lust for adventure and a zest for life! Pinkish red to dark red, it’s colour and rarity has made it much sought after since ancient times.

Ruby is July’s birthstone and represents passion. When you get a hold of one, wear it to ignite that internal flame within you that no one can extinguish.

Ruby Bracelet
Credit to Etsy

10. Tourmaline represents Creativity

The October birthstone, Tourmaline is a valued gemstone in the industry for its variety of exciting colours, from mixed watermelon tones to electric blue-green to shocking pinks!

Tourmaline Bracelet


Looking like a natural watermelon, this gemstone bracelet is sure to bring out the creativite spark in you. Wear it for a fun day out with your gals or that picnic date you have been planning for months. 

11. Citrine represents Success

Citrine is not only November’s birthstone but also a birthstone for the Scorpio zodiac. As the most popular and frequently purchased yellow gemstone, it is often believed to manifest abundance, prosperity and maintain wealth. Today it is more likely represents success and generosity.

Citrine Bracelet
Credit to David Yurman

We just love its bright sunshine yellow colour! Taking hints from the colour wheel, match your Citrine bracelet with a blue flowy top or dress for the ideal springtime look and feel.

12. Iolite represents Self-Love

The name ‘iolite’, comes from the Greek word “ios,” meaning “violet.” According to legend, ancient Viking explorers used Iolite slices as filters to help locate the sun on cloudy days.

It can sometimes contain metallic inclusions, which cause a glittery effect in the gem.  Combined with its beautiful violet-to-blue hue, the Iolite is a stunning gem to wear. Bring brightness into your life with this bracelet by Anto Gioielli.

Iolite Bracelet
Credit to Anto Gioielli

13. Moonstone represents Wisdom

Moonstone is June’s birthstone; it casts a magical optical effect known as adularescence - a dreamy moon-like sheen hovering off the surface that can be blue or white.

Once believed to have mystic connections to the moon, the Moonstone was once used as an amulet of protection for travellers. Today it symbolises a wise wisdom and magic.  

Seeing with your eyes will be a truly magical experience, what more when it prettifies your wrists in the form of this bracelet.

Moonstone Bracelet
Credit to FLASHMAG

14. Blue Topaz represents Ambition

The December Birthstone, Blue Topaz represents ambition, communication and honesty. It’s no doubt that s gemstone is a customer favourite after the Blue Sapphire, because of its natural brilliant sparkle, and is typically ‘clean’ to the naked eye with no visible inclusions.

It is attractive and easy to match with everyday outfits, adding that pop of electric blue colour.

Blue Topaz Bracelet
Credit to AZENDI

15. Garnet represents Positivity

Garnets are January’s birthstone, and they actually have a rich palette of colours too – ranging from pink to black, and even green to blue. The most famous ones are Red Garnet, Rhodolite (purplish red, like a raspberry), and Tsavorite (forest green).

Ancient Egyptian royalty and important Romans used to wear Garnets as prized and exotic possessions. As a cost effective alternative to the Ruby, the Garnet is your everyday gemstone. Thought to invoke positivity and creativity for its wearer, a minimalist piece will look flawless. 

Garnet Bracelet
Credit to LyndyLou Designs


16. Pearl represents Purity

Unlike the other gemstones, which are minerals, Pearls are organic and are formed by living organisms. Normally formed within the soft tissue layer of molluscs such as oysters and mussels, Pearls are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection.

Pearls are the essence of faith, hope, and the ability to make the best of the situation you are in. The Pearl Reflection bracelet is a must-have for any girl.

Pearl Bracelet
JEOEL Pearl Reflection Bracelet

If you think owning a gemstone of your own is beyond reach, think again because JEOEL is committed to creating jewellery for millennials at prices below those compared to jewellers without compromising on the quality.

You can buy genuine precious gems with a peace of mind knowing that they have been ethically sourced with our team’s background in precious gemstone sourcing, backed by the DeGem group of jewellers.

If you are still thinking what hidden meanings your gemstone bracelet can hold; it is about the meaning of true friendships, the honouring of hitting milestones, and simply the purpose of dressing elegantly. For every day is worth celebrating.

Learn more about us.

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