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10 Valentine's Day Jewellery Gifts She Will Love

What are the things that come to mind when you say, Valentine’s Day? For me, it’s chocolate. Because what better way to express your feelings to your significant other than a box full of chocolatey happiness, right?

Well, gifting them with jewellery might just be the next best thing! I’m sorry, afraid of getting her jewellery because you don’t know what to buy, you say? We got your back. Here are 10 ideas she will definitely love.



A bracelet signifies one’s identity. There’s just something about wearing an article of jewellery around the wrist that creates such an appealing note of personality.

The lovely bracelet collection from JEOEL’s new Blushing Valentine solidifies the notion, as it brings a dash of sophistication and whole lot of love!




Bangles are like the bracelet’s twin sister, and it is just as quintessentially your mirror to your beautiful personality as bracelets are.



Speaking of bracelets and bangles, what better way to beautify them even more than to have those cute and dangly charms.

If she already has a bracelet or bangle, add to her already mesmerizing collection with these charms.

You can check out the collection here.



If the love of your life is the kind that doesn’t want charms on her bracelets, then you can add colour and character to them with beads as well!



A classic jewellery for women of all ages and grandeur. You can never go wrong with gifting her with a necklace.

Express your love for her when you put it around and clasp them together.

Lockets / Pendants

If charms and beads are synonymous with bracelets and bangles, then lockets and pendants are the same for necklaces.

There are so much a pendant or locket says about the wearer. And if you know her well, you know what type that signifies her perfectly.

But if you need help, do have a look at our locket collection for Valentine’s Day here.

Ankle Bracelets

Perhaps an ankle bracelet may be a bit unorthodox for you, or your partner for that matter. But it is a chain of jewellery that is so unique she might just find it so appealing.

The leg bracelet trend has always been around, but it has been on the rise more in recent years. You can give it go, maybe she might appreciate the uniqueness.


Jewelled watches can be a bit on the pricier side of jewellery gifts. But it does combine beauty, bling, and practicality in one around the wrist.

Designer brands have been the players of jewelled watches for a long time, but nowadays more affordable brands are also showing off their jewelled timepieces in style.


Talking about rings reminds me a lot of the Jason Mraz song called Bella Luna. Of which there is a sentence being sung which goes “You are the queen and king combining everything, intertwining like a ring around the finger, of a girl, I’m just a singer, you’re the world”.

Romantic reminiscing aside, rings as jewellery gift for Valentine’s Day really does intertwine your love for her around the finger.

And you what? The Blushing Valentine Collection’s Rainbow Tourmaline and Tourmaline Angel Heart rings are THE perfect gift for her.


Last but certainly not the least, the earrings. Another timeless jewellery that may utterly express your love on any occasion, much more so on V-Day.

Do match the type of earrings with your partner. If she wants to show it off at dinner parties, get the type that dangles a bit. While simpler ones to wear on a daily basis.


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