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10 Tips to Find The Best Valentine's Day Gift for Her in 2019

Valentine’s Day is coming, and no other annual celebration holds more meaning for couples than the big V-Day.

Are you looking to buy something for your beloved to commemorate the day? Or are you the one who will be receiving the gift, and would like to (subtly) tell your BF/hubby what he should buy?

Here’s a tip! You have to know what type of girl she is first. Alright alright..Let me break it down for you.

1. Is she the adventurous type?

If your significant other is the type of gal who likes to go rock climbing, cycling, or jungle trekking on her spare time, chances are, she won’t be wearing any jewellery that dangles.

So it would be suitable for her to receive something like a simple, yet elegant bangle. This floral pair of a bangle from the latest Love Story collection can be absolutely perfect!

2. Is she more down with relaxation and peace of mind?

You know, the kind of ladies that enjoys chilling out at the beach, or rejuvenating at her favourite spa?

You might want something that signifies her beauty, while also reflecting her inner peace. Give her something that is quietly bold and unforgivingly angelic. The Precious Halo Diamond Pendant is the perfect fit.

3. Does she love anything cute and cuddly?

You know your partner loves cute things (and being cute) when she has all the different types of stuffed animals and anime characters lining up in her room.

For her, you can’t really go wrong with some beads to line up her bracelet. Go with the unicorn or the sweet pink chariot from the latest Love Story collection.

4. Is she the #OOTD queen?

There won’t be a place where she wouldn’t at least snap some pictures (with her in the shot!) while you’re out and about. And her outfit will always be on point!

You need something that she could show off a little, if not too much. Introducing the Paradise Galaxy collection, where you can choose from a wide array of colourful and exceptionally bright gemstones.

5. Is she more on the shy side?

The love of your life finds it very hard to take pictures, be it with you, other friends, or even a selfie.

If she is a little shy to let people know how beautiful she is, she might be even more shy to show off her favourite jewellery. It might be a good idea to get her something that is a little more subtle, while maintaining a certain level of elegance. Try out the earrings of the Love Knot collection.

6. Is she the conservative type?

You may have a girlfriend/wife that thinks jewellery should be as simple as her needs. No frills and extra flowery pattern required.

To get a gift for someone like this can be a bit tricky, but you may find it easier to get something that is unison in colour, while having the sparkle to and bling to still be special. Get to know the new Cuddle collection ring necklace duo.

7. Is she the one to really be into sentimental value?

She is the one who would be very sad to let go something, because it reminds her of a pleasant time.

You know if your partner is like this, to get her something that really signifies your love for her. Be the key to her heart with the angelic Guardian Angel collection. Oh! And some of the pendants are also lockets, so you can insert some love notes and all that lovey-dovey stuff.

8. Is she the one to value sophistication and beauty?

She likes wearing suit jacket at work, she likes to drink black coffee (with OR without sugar), and she likes to keep her hair on a bun so it doesn’t get messy.

Her best gift to find are the ones that mirrors her sophisticated, professional, and sexy look. The gemstones residing at the centre of the ring in the Cuddle collection can be something she can really get behind.

9. Is she the one that likes to have something commemorative?

She always finds a souvenir to commemorate a special event in her life. The seashell where you two first went to the beach, or a cute key chain for your first vacation trip together.

She is the one to continuously look for things to care about, as she wants to remember a lot of the good times she had.  The charms in the Love Story collection may be able to reflect her.

10. Is she a little bit of everything?

You know you can’t really put a label on your partner. What’s important is that you cherish her, and maybe get her a gift that may symbolise your love for her.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you care for her. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get these gifts for her today!

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