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10 Earrings To Wear With Pearl Necklaces

Did you just receive a Pearl necklace as an anniversary present? Or was recently given a vintage piece belonging to your Grandmother? Perhaps you are at the stage of contemplating buying a strand for yourself but you’re not sure if they look just a lil’ too old fashion.

There are many reasons how a strand of Pearls could have come into your possession. But it doesn’t quite matter because seems that you are more concerned about what to pair them with – you want to be known as the Princess of Fashion and not Queen Mother.

As the owner of Pearls, you should be counting yourself very lucky as a strand of classic Pearls is a fantastic asset to any girls jewellery box!

Pearls remain a great option for just about any occasion. Weddings are a perfect place to showcase a brilliant Pearl necklace, whether you are the bride or a guest.

Pearls also conjure up a sense of confidence and sophistication, making it a great choice for jewellery at the workplace. In spite of that, a Pearl necklace isn’t only just for those fancy, formal occasions. No! Because when matched with the right earrings; dressed down Pearls can be just as fun and flirty.

So if you thought that Pearls are only for the high-class, keep reading because we’ll be giving you a few hints on how to style your pearl necklace with earrings in different ways.

1. Matching Set

It’s a bit of a no-brainer but to buy your Pearls in a matching set. When luxury brands such as Mikimoto launch new collections, they usually create them with the full range of necklaces, earrings and rings to match. Although it is an easy choice, matching sets tend to have a very formal look and feel to them. So save this option for your wedding or formal black tie event or gala.

Mikimoto Bridal Jewellery
Credit to: Luxury Prague

2. Ear Jacket

An ear jacket might be something you thought would never match. But the simple small pearl element mixed with a modern interesting shape or symbolic pendant to represent your persona will bring a monochrome outfit to life. This stylish and crazy fun look will definitely earn you loads of compliments.

Ear Jacket
Credit to: Viva Luxury
Eye Piercing Earrings
Credit to: Delfina Delettrez

 3. Geometric earrings

Minimalistic geometric designs have been all the rage recently. So why are we not surprised when they are made with Pearls in mind too? For an edgy look, a set of geometric earrings will add just the right amount of funkiness to your outfit when worn with your Pearl necklace. This pairing will surely attract plenty of attention.

Geometric Pearl Earrings
Credit to: Polyvore

 4. Pearl Studs

Just like the classic strand of Pearls, the uncomplicated Pearl stud earrings is also any girl’s wardrobe essential - for work, it elevates your office wear to confident goddess. For play, our Candy Pearl freshwater earrings feature a soft-pink sheen so simple yet so elegant when worn with a Pearl necklace.

Candy Pearl Earrings
JEOEL Candy Pearl Earrings

If you want to try something a little different, Pearls also come in various colours beyond the commonly seen white coloured Pearl. Black Pearl studs with rich dark tones can provide a striking contrast to a White Pearl necklace. A good quality Black Pearl almost has an iridescent green sheen on it’s surface. A great idea if you are wearing an Emerald (deep green) coloured dress.

Pearl Stud Earrings
Credit to: The Pearl Source

 5. Double Ball Pearls

When Camille Miceli, creative director of Dior accessories, revisited the iconic Pearl earrings and created Mise en Dior Tribale and Ultradior, these almost rock-n-roll-esque earrings, created a global phenomenon resulting in them being practically sold out everywhere due to high demand. The double-sided Pearls make them very unique and special. A pairing like this with your Pearl necklace is sure to create the ultimate trendy look worthy of Vogue.

Dior Earrings
Credit to: theluxuryhandbag

 6. Statement Pearl Earrings

Selecting larger statement Pearl earrings is a perfect choice for a night out like date night. Remember though, that if you are choosing to wear a bigger pair of earrings, your pearl necklace should be a simpler one like this delicate hand wrapped pearl necklace. Style it with your favourite dress and he won’t be able to take his eyes of you ;)

Classy Pearl Earrings
Credit to: Happiness Boutique
Silver Handwrapped Pearls
Credit to: Etsy

 7. Diamonds

You could also forget about the Pearls all together! If you like the idea of keeping your look simple and sophisticated, diamond stud earrings will add just the ideal touch of sparkle. Who can resist bling? Plus it will contrast the lustre of the Pearls flawlessly. Whether your choice is for Diamond studs or a beautifully designed yet affordable piece like our Kaleido Petals Diamond earrings, classic always pairs well with classic.

Kaleido Petals Diamond Earrings
JEOEL Kaleido Petals Diamond Earrings

 8. Drop Earrings

If you loathe the thought of being “matchy-matchy”, mixing it up with dangling earrings of a different gemstone or material other than Pearls will result with a trendy and fashionable look merely in seconds. The sparkling White Quartz of the Benefactress gemstone drop earrings is suitable for any occasion, from work to dinner function making it such a timeless piece.

Benefactress Earrings
JEOEL Benefactress Earrings

 9. Matching Tones

As mentioned, not all Pearls are white. Ranging from creamy white, pinkish, beige tones to even dark as the black skies, the tint of your Pearls will affect your choice when picking earrings based on a matching colour.

Some Pearls have a romantic pink hue which you can match with similar coloured metal like Rose Gold for example. JEOEL’s Kismet earrings featuring natural Rose Quartz has a little tassle under the natural gem - a chic way to add movement to your look, and to amplify the colour of your pink pearl necklace.

Kismet Tassle Earrings
JEOEL Kismet Tassle Earrings
Pearl Reflection Necklace
JEOEL Pearl Reflection Necklace

 10. Mixing Gemstones

If you’re thinking about which gemstones to match with your Pearls, you’ll be happy to know that almost all types of gemstones can be paired with them. Designers have created an array of Pearl and Gemstone earring combinations already built into it, making it a sure-fire safe choice to be matched with a Pearl necklace.

Canton Drop Earrings
Credit to: Seaman Schepps

The Pearl necklace was made trendy by Coco Chanel’s saying,

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”

And we agree wholeheartedly! Just look at the ladies of the Royal Family seen with this four row Japanese pearl choker. A Pearl necklace is truly royal piece to keep for many generations to come.

Credit to: E News

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