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    Jewellery News, Tips and Tricks

    The Best Mother’s Day Gift and Ideas for 2019

    The Best Mother’s Day Gift and Ideas for 2019

    In need of a Mother’s Day gift? Mother’s Day 2019 falls on 12 May here in Malaysia. Mothers are the backbone of the world and she can appear in many shapes and sizes. She may be your biological mother or your mother-in-law, maybe your best friend's mom, or perhaps someone whose motherly instinct has helped you through some hard times. No matter who she is, we think you should be showing your appreciation all year round.

    Make it special this year and do not settle for that the generic mug. It could be an item to make a part of her life easier, a product she might have mentioned wanting in passing, or something completely impractical but makes her feel like a damn queen! Show your appreciation with a gift picked just for her. So while you can't put a price on everything she's done for you, but heartfelt gifts certainly help.

    Here is a list of something for all the wonderful Moms out there:

    1. For the Unique
    Victrola Retro Record Player with Bluetooth, CD Players and 3-speed Turntable
    Credit to: Victrola

    Parents love turning on the radio to complain about today’s music. Victrola 50's inspired Record Player is designed to be a blast from the past. Let her put those vinyl records and favourite albums collecting dust to good use. She will be blasting The Carpenters and The Beatles to her heart’s content. Then switch to the radio for newer jams that she likes (but will never admit it).


    Credit to: Ancestry

    Ancestry.com is the perfect unique gift for Mom. It is a kit for anyone looking for more insight into their family history. Just submit a DNA sample to the company, Ancestry will send information on everything from your ethnic background to relatives you didn’t even know you had. You might just end up getting busy having new relatives to visit during CNY or Hari Raya!


    1. For Something Personalised
    Personalised Leather InStyle Pulling Key Holder
    Credit to: Giftr

    This genuine leather key holder may be something simple but it is a daily used item made special with personalised engraving of a name or thoughtful message. It will be something she carries around with her all the time, thus keeping you close to her always.  

    JEOEL’s lockets can be engraved for a total of RM79 to RM119 this year.


    1. For the Flower Fan
    JEOEL Crystal Flower Bracelet Set

    If you are thinking about giving her flowers but hate the fact that they don’t last very long? Get this crystal flower so your Mom can have flower everytime, anytime. She will also be able to further personalise it by adding more meaningful beads in the future. This lovely beads and bangle set is available at a discounted price via jeoel.com.

    Or a Diamond Flower that lasts forever, with this new piece:

    <Insert Diamond Sakura pendant>


    1. For the Tech-Savvy
    Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
    Credit to: Amazon

    Almost every mom has a book list whether she has gotten around to any of it, well that’s another story. You know she’s pretty good with new technology so why not combine that with her love for reading. The Kindle Paperwhite is even waterproof and lasts weeks on one charge. She’ll be able to carry around so many ‘books’ in her handbag at once.

    Credit to: Netflix

    At the end of the day, Moms also deserve some time to lift their legs on the sofa and kickback with a little Netflix.  Give your Mom the gift of binge-worthy TV shows and movies for any occasion at all. She’ll probably appreciate the break from the usual Starbucks cards or Uniqlo gift vouchers


    1. For the Creative
    Pottery making
    Credit to: Clay Expression

    Does the Mom in your life like creating things with her hands? There is an abundant choice for creative art session around Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas. From recreating scenes from Ghost (a movie she probably loves) with pottery and clay shaping, to getting a group of friends for an art jammin session where each art piece is a combination of everybody’s work! 

    Art Jamming
    Credit to: The Studio At KL

    1. For the Handmade
    Hand Embroidery
    Credit to: Pinterest

    Handmade gifts are always something special because it is one of a kind and the person receiving it knows that you have spent money, time and effort into making something completely unique. Although it maybe never quite be perfect, it’s the flaws that make it distinct. Embroidery designs and small items collected can make a lovely Mother's Day gift. Visit sites like Pinterest to gets tons of ideas.

    Spa in a Jar
    Credit to: Pinterest

    1. For the Connoisseur
    Nespresso - VertuoPlus Deluxe Black
    Credit to: Nespresso

    She’s a coffee connoisseur and likes to get her dose of caffeine in the early morning to get her day started, and because a constant IV of coffee may not be possible (yet) you can gift busy moms the next best thing – their own personal espresso maker. All cheaper and faster than making a morning run to the coffee house.

     Dimple Self-chilling Stemless Wine Glasses
    Credit to: Amazon

    If she’s a wine connoisseur and likes to wind down with a glass of wine at night, these Self-chilling Stemless Wine Glasses are a pretty nifty gift.  With magnetic freezer inserts, it makes drinks stay cold longer. This will probably help her cool down when the naughty kids are about to make her blow her head off.


    1. For the Chef
    Engraved Personalized Cutting Board
    Credit to: Shopee

    The chopping board is an absolute necessity in the kitchen and if your Mom is one that knows her way around, why not enhance the cooking experience with a touch of detail such as an imprint on the chopping board.  Moms food is always the best!

    Le Creuset - oven pots
    Credit to: Le Creuset

    The Le Creuset is the crème-de-la-crème of Dutch oven pots. Made of sturdy cast iron, it comes in gorgeous colours and will last for years. It’s one of those things that she’s been drooling over but would never splurge on herself.  You will probably be benefiting from the yummy soups and stews she will be creating with the cute little piece anyway.

    1. For the Fit
    Fitbit band
    Credit to: Fitbit

    If your Mom is health conscious and eager to keep fit, these two items will be perfect for her. A chic Fitbit band can help her reach her goals by tracking her all day activity (yes those steps back and forth to the laundry room count), cardio score when lifting your little baby brother and even sleep cycle.  Some nice moisture wicking gym clothes will make her feel like a celebrity at Zumba class.

    Credit to: Lululemon

    1. For Grandma

    She’s the Mother of your Mother, or Mother of your Father, she was there when you were growing up and maybe even stood in place for Mom and Dad while they were hard at work earning a living to ensure you got the best in life. Mama or Popo deserved an everlasting Diamond seen in this Diamond Butterfly Fan – the butterfly is a symbol of long life.

    JEOEL Diamond Butterfly Fan Pendant

    If Grandma prefers something more outstanding, this exceptional piece of jewellery will be right for her. The bright teal of the authentic Amazonite gemstone represents communication, truth and honour,  all admirable qualities to have, all becoming of a Grandmother.

    JEOEL Dazzling Blooms Amazonite Bracelet


    1. For your Wife
    Massage session
    Credit to: FAVE

    There is no mom on the planet who doesn’t deserve some major pampering on the regular. Help her treat herself with a spa gift card. Remember to keep in mind to choose a location nearby as she probably will have to find time to squeeze it into her busy schedule.



    Husbands and Fathers, she’s the Mother of your children and she has carried your precious cargo in her belly for 9 months. This Diamond Flower Fan - a sign of love and beauty makes for the perfect gift for new moms and long deserving ones.

    JEOEL’s Special Mother’s Day Special has the Diamond Butterfly Fan pendant and Diamond Flower pendant retailing at RM 119 instead of RM229 from 29 May 2019 to 12 June 2019. Customers are also entitled to PWP nickel free Chain at RM30 only.

    OK, so the game plan here isn't just to snag the last bouquet at the florist on the way home from work just so you're not the kid who forgot Mother's Day. Treat your mum to a little bit of luxury with these Mother’s Day gift ideas – after all, she deserves every little bit of it.

    First Timers Guide To Selecting Fine Jewellery For Yourself

    First Timers Guide To Selecting Fine Jewellery For Yourself

    So you’re in the market for buying yourself a nice piece of jewellery. Perhaps as a pat on the back for doing a great job at work and being awarded a nice big fat bonus or celebration of a milestone birthday such as your 21st birthday.

    However, you naturally find yourself gravitating towards trending fashion accessories that is cheap to buy and maybe you can buy 3 for the price of 1! Have you ever thought about making an investment into fine jewellery instead?

    The term investing may seem a bit foreign for jewellery especially with the advent of fast-moving fashion, changing styles every fortnight. But just as you’re about to swipe the card on your hard earned dollars, take a moment to ask yourself – why spend hard earned money on cheap accessories that will probably rust or break easily?

    We show you how it’s time to “move up” to selecting an important piece of fine jewellery for yourself.

    Find A Piece That Has An Eye Towards The Future

    We don’t mean designer jewellery that is futuristic and on the cutting edge of a new fad. Jewellery design is important so that we can be sure the pieces will stand the test of time. Investment pieces should look suitable to be worn right now, likewise many years down the road. The more unusual or outlandish the jewellery design, the more likely it will quickly become dated and you should recognise that it is not a ‘forever’ piece.

    Our Cuddle Ring is a great example of a ‘forever’ piece. Everything from the solitaire natural gem in the center, representing our pure hearts to the dual purpose outer halo with glittering White Topazes describes everything you should look for in an everlasting jewellery design. This fine jewellery is versatile and thoughtful, ensuring that it doesn’t end up being donated away in the next two years.

    JEOEL Tourmaline Cuddle Ring Necklace

    Try To Make Informed Choices

    Take a little time to do your homework and be sure that you’re not making a poor investment letting your impulses decided your jewellery purchases. We realise that you may want the latest popular jewellery – a spike-studded bangle for example. But take a moment to keep in mind the requirement to your due diligence when making purchases by noting some important factors.

    One important factor is what the jewellery material is made of. This is important to understand whether your current favourite piece can last for a few years of wearing.

    JEOEL products are made of 925 sterling silver (a precious metal that lasts and ages better than brass used in fashion accessories) and plated in either rhodium or rose gold. Rhodium not makes the jewels looking as bright as white gold but also protects the silver underneath from oxidizing, making it hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin.

    It could be a classic popular jewellery design that features your birthstone or even fashionable plating colours such as rose gold, remind yourself that there are plenty of jewels in the sea to choose from.  Our Guardian Angels key pendant, an exceptional piece of fine jewellery has a playful twist – it may be opened like a locket, to keep something special from a loved one. A piece of popular jewellery for you to one day pass on to your future little daughter on her 21st birthday.

    Select based on gemstones you’d like, from Pink Tourmalines that represent Creativity, to Blue Topaz that represent Communication.

    JEOEL Guardian Angels Collection
    JEOEL Guardian Angels Collection

    Discover Your Style

    Start by reflecting on how often you will be wearing the piece. Will it become your signature piece? We spend most of our days at work, so you can also consider making your choice based on your office dress code. Whether you like beads and bracelets or solitaire gemstones, choosing a fine jewellery piece that reflects your personality will never go out of style.

    Life changing events that you will continue to remember forever is also part of how those moments have affected you as an individual. Having a baby is one such significant milestone.  JEOEL’s Baby Diary collection is made to treasure a little one who holds a special place in our hearts!

    JEOEL Baby Diary Collection
    JEOEL Baby Diary Collection

    Splurge a Little…

    … but maybe it isn’t as much as you think! We all know of popular jewelry like the USD6,500 price tag on the Cartier Love Bracelet and the Bvlgari rings starting from USD 2,000. We understand these brands are backed by years of fine craftsmanship but not all fine designer jewellery has to cost an arm and a leg. JEOEL has a selection of Diamond fine jewellery from a very affordable RM179.

    The Diamond Kaleido Promise pendant is a special designer piece, with a sparkling natural diamond embedded amongst two rose gold wings, it represents a promise of determination to yourself, inspired by the kaleidoscope – a symbol of being able to adapt constantly.

    The interchangeable pendant can be worn in two ways, making it a wise investment.

    Kaleido Promise Pendant

    Kaleido Promise Pendant
    JEOEL Kaleido Promise Pendant

    When You’re Not Really Sure

    When in real doubt after reading so many articles on the Internet, step into a jewellery store to talk to an expert whose knowledge of fine jewellery combined with your keen fashion sense will help you make your decision.

    Fashion, by its very nature, goes through cycles. The fine jewellery you buy today may not be as trendy in a few years, but if you love it, hang on to it and take good care of it. It will likely become chic again – the true mark of a classic piece, your quality piece will last for many generations, and even to be shared amongst sisters! There is also something oddly satisfying one day hearing your offspring say, “this belonged to my Mother, she’s had that this that beautiful piece for years.”

    Guide To: The Office Lady’s #OOTD

    Guide To: The Office Lady’s #OOTD

    When it comes to workwear, things can get tricky sometimes.  Ranging from strict dress codes to a full on day-to-night schedule; mornings can become a nightmare trying to put together a look that both reflect your personal style and also professionalism.

    The secret is to find out your “uniform” – a personal style of basics that work effortlessly together. We are here to help decode your offices’ dress code by putting together some looks.

    Traditional Business Attire

    Traditional Business Attire
    Credit to: The Fashion Spot

    Also known as business professional attire, this look is usually formal and consists of a crisp button-up shirt and suit jacket.  Nothing else says you mean business than a sharp and well fitted two piece. The only accessory you might need here is a bold red lip so go easy on the accessories such as with a delicate piece on your finger. This Love Knot Ring with a Diamond will give you the determination to close that big deal.

    JEOEL Love Knot Ring Pendant

    In some companies, your corporate attire rules may require you to wear headscarves. That should not stop you from making a statement. Choose some elegant yet bold earrings such as these Sea Princess earrings with exotic Aquamarine and Blue Topaz natural gemstones.

    Sea Princess Earrings
    JEOEL Sea Princess Earrings

    If your bosses are not too fussed, the Unicorn Diamond earrings are also a fun way to inject your youthfulness into a serious outfit.

    Unicorn Diamond Earrings
    JEOEL Unicorn Diamond Earrings

    Smart Casual Business Attire

    Smart Casual Business Attire
    Credit to: Styleonme

    A toned down version of the traditional attire, we think this look is encompassed by the Korean OL office fashion wear.  This look is conservative with tops normally covering up to the neck yet it has a touch of girliness with lots of chiffon and injections of floral patterns. 

    Diamond Flower Fan Pendant
    JEOEL Diamond Flower Fan Pendant

    No loud jewellery needed here, like this Diamond Flower Fan is a perfect subtle piece. The Flower Fan signifies both love and beauty and yet is a useful item in our lives and we cannot live without it. Make your mark at the workplace by showing them you are indispensable too!

    Of course, we understand that sometimes being girly at the workplace can be hard in a man’s world. Use the Diamond Crown pendant to remind you to believe in yourself and keep your chin up, Princess!

    Diamond Crown Pendant
    JEOEL Diamond Crown Pendant

    Business Casual Attire

    Business Casual Attire
    Credit to:stylecracker

    A business casual look could be a formal dress made casual with something like a denim blazer or pairing of a plain coloured top with relaxed slacks. The awesome news is, you finally have more freedom to explore a little more chunky accessories here!

    Business Casual Attire
    Credit to:9to5Chic

    We think our Lady Luck collection is the perfect fit. A set of charms and beads showing your fun and serious side. Inspired by a lady's essential charms in life, such as the Handbag Bead to keep all your essential needs inside while the Triple Heart bead shows a lady's heart shines rainbow colours, as she fills and inspires others especially when it comes to climbing the career ladder.


    Lady Luck Collection
    JEOEL Lady Luck Collection

    If chunky jewellery is not your thing, the Moon Princess earrings cleverly express both casual and chic, adding just the right amount of allure for an after work date look.

    Moon Princess Earrings
    JEOEL Moon Princess Earrings

    Casual Attire

    Casual Attire
    Credit to:Pinterest

    Lucky you as your place of work must be a bunch of fun! Casually attired workplaces usually allow cotton dresses and jeans so you can jazz your outfit up some with tons of fun jewellery. The Fantasy Force collection’s whimsical charm bracelet is sure to get those creative juices flowing.

    Fantasy Force
    JEOEL Fantasy Force Collection

    But sometimes fun also needs an injection of seriousness which can be done by throwing on a blazer and covered shoes over your unicorn print dress (yes, we know you have it under there!).

    Casual Work Attire
    Credit to:Megan Kristine Blog

    Layering jewellery is accepted here too! Try it with the Sapphire Space Dancer pendant on a short chain. This with galaxy coloured Sapphires is inspired by movements of the universe, give it a spin it to get rid of all the bad juju at the office!

    Sapphire Space Dancer Pendant
    JEOL Sapphire Space Dancer Pendant

    We know having to make the best impression on not only your boss but also clients, subordinates and even co-workers each and every morning can get to you.  The first step is to determine your “uniform” and then make it unique by editing with your own touch of individuality. With the help of some beautiful accessories and jewellery, you’ll be leaving the house with sheer grit for success!

    MORE THAN BLING [Episode 8] ✨ Adeline #Confidence

    In our years of service, we witness first hand that jewellery means more than just beauty to our customers. For some people, it’s a form of expression or confidence, but for others, it helps to strengthen bonds and love. 

    Confidence is a type of beauty, don’t you agree?

    One of our dedicated customers Adeline, has always radiated confidence since we knew her. Here, she tells us how jewellery has a part to play in her daily appearance.

    Story of Adeline

    A corporate career woman, Adeline frequently visits us after work dressed impeccably.

    She tells us that JEOEL’s natural gemstone jewellery at affordable prices, makes it easy for her to elevate her outfits to another level.

    She believes that a simple gemstone jewellery has the ability to bring out her best features and show her lively personality. And she’s right.

    Natural gemstones have a unique luminosity and richness in colour. Ruby has deep burgundy red hues, Sapphire has deep ocean blues, and Adeline’s favourite is the Moonstone, which glows white or blue on the surface when reflected with light and represents wisdom.

    Diamonds are a classic gem and represent determination. 

    The Moonstone set she mentioned includes a pendant and earrings. Moonstone is June's birthstone and represents wisdom and magic!

    Check out more natural gemstone jewellery here.

    Adeline has a passion for gemstones and jewellery since a young age, as she learnt firsthand from shopping with her mum, how to confidently shape and own her personal style.  

    A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s confidence that makes a person stands out. Watch our full interview with Adeline here:

    MORE THAN BLING [Episode 7] ✨ Mark #Appreciate

    In our years of service, we witness first hand that jewellery means more than just beauty to our customers. This episode, we focus on a male customer, as male customers too have been nothing but supportive in our business journey.

    Some male customers found us on social media or Google, others know us through their girlfriends/wives who buy from us. But the one thing these guys always agree on is the value for money on buying JEOEL, as they have told us that they don’t understand why they should pay so much for foreign branding and they would much rather pay a fair price for quality they can see.

    The truth is, men know that buying women jewellery is the ultimate gesture of pampering her, because jewellery is a purchase that indulges only her. It’s not like practical belonging that benefits both the husband and wife, such as a house or a TV.

    So for women, when we are gifted with jewellery, we feel deeply appreciated!

    For this episode, we have a story that pays tribute to our male customers.

    Mark’s story

    Mark is an Events Manager who has busy schedule despites being a daddy of one.

    After work, his free time is spent with his family and friends on occasional weekends. Every two months or so, he will visit us and check out what new additions he can buy for his wife’s jewellery collection, as JEOEL products are affordable and in high quality.

    When invited to tell us his story, we find out the cheeky reason behind it!

    He discloses that jewellery is a way to show his wife that he appreciates her, and that it makes her happy enough to take care of their son when he goes out to hang with his friends!

    We all know that he a good joke, but it put a smile on our faces!

    A male customer favourite is the Cuddle collection, as this romantic pendant also functions as a promise ring, featuring natural gems such as Iolite, Green Tourmaline, Rhodolite Garnet, or Moonstone.

    Other popular items are beads, as it is meaningful to first gift your significant other with a bracelet, and continuously add beads for every milestone in life.