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    Light Your Inner Truth

    Light Your Inner Truth

    Light Your Inner Truth
    In moments of quiet and darkness, always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you know. Be it Courage, Ambition or Love, your Inner Truth shines through the dark. It lights up who you are, and all those whom you befriend.
    • Amethyst Courage (Ring RM199-339, Pendant RM149-299, Earrings RM219-249)

    • Topaz Ambition (Ring RM199-339, Pendant RM149-319, Earrings RM219-269)

    • Rose Quartz Love (Ring RM199-339, Pendant RM139-299, Earrings RM209-249)

    Shop earrings and pendants here. For the FULL COLLECTION, check it out in our offline stores, at these locations


    Christmas Special

    Christmas Special

    The end of the year is a season of social parties, gift exchanges and a time to reward yourself.

    To help you maximise gifting with better savings, JEOEL e-store is now introducing the Christmas Sets - feature bestselling beads combinations (from 1 to 5 bead combinations in any set), plus a bangle or bracelet design of your choice, all together from RM169 onwards.

    The JEOEL team has prepared 27 sets of carefully matched beads, featuring bestselling feminine designs including hearts, flowers, a bear, a unicorn and more.

    The sets match elegantly in colour and beauty, to save some hassle for customers who are shopping on-the-go.

    For a limited time only, all of these combinations include up to 36% discount on original prices.

    Any purchase in this collection will be delivered in a lovely JEOEL jewellery box, and a FREE seasonal Snowhouse bag. While stocks last.

    The bag serves as a stylish party bag and also a Christmas decoration ornament.

    Alternatively, visit our physical stores at these locations to browse our Christmas sets. Customers who buy more than 3 beads at our physical stores can get a special red or gold gift box.

    NEW #JEOELbeads: OCEAN's DREAM 🌊

    NEW #JEOELbeads: OCEAN's DREAM 🌊

    Dream higher than the sky, and deeper than the ocean. Embark on a voyage with these new ethereal #JEOELbeads.

    Each glass bead is inspired by travel, designed to ignite the adventurer in you.

    🍭Candy Swirl - Childhood memories, a part of life that creates the beautiful kingdom of memories.

    💮 Hawaii Flower - Let white clean flowers in a clear ocean green calm your soul as you dream of exotic Waikiki.

    💋 French Kisses – Ooh la la! That First Kiss seals the sweetness of first moments with him.

    ✌French Victory - Where there is unity, there is victory – this bead invokes the colours for the fight for freedom and equality.

    🌺3D Sakura - Appreciate little moments of bliss, with the sakura flower that blooms every year.

    🥀Art Flower – Set your inner creativity free, create waves where you didn’t think you could.

    🌷 English Rose – Bloom like a lady does, as every lady knows she is unique and incomparable to any. A rose can never be a sunflower, every woman is beautiful in her own way.

    💐 Festival Bloom - Grow where you are planted - It's never about the people or location, it is your inner self that grows your own path.

    ✨ Stardust beads ✨

    When all the glitter fades, there still be stardust in our veins - A bead to remind you to learn from mistakes and pick up from failures - it is the courage to continue that counts 😊

    🏖 Caribbean beads 🏝

    #JEOELbead for the Caribbean Soul. Escape town for a little while, catch some vitamin sea, tan your mind under sunshine and float in calm beach waters - A bead to remind you to escape on a beach trip once in a while! ⛱



    Unlock your Life’s Milestones

    Unlock your Life’s Milestones

    Celebrate your life’s greatest milestones with special commemorative JEOEL beads.
    You have worked really hard to get to where you are today. Now here’s your chance to remember a special occasion!

    Transform your every achievement or FIRST in life into a memory bracelet, be it your 1st born baby, 1st time hitting number 1 in class, or even your 1st ever pet.

    🎓 Get your graduate friend a gift to wear and remember for life, encouraging her to never give up on her dream!

    💖 A wedding memory to last forever – imagine the smile on her face when she sees this special bead! Perfect as a gift for friends who are getting hitched!


    Spark Your Passion

    Spark Your Passion

    Spark Your Passion

    Passion is not just an activity that you love. In a changing world, we long to find our purpose. Passion is that longing within you, the spirit of determination to seek a special something in life. Pay attention to what it is, and spark it like a match on fire.
    • Ruby Adventure (ring RM339, pendant RM339, earrings RM449-539)
    • Topaz Creativity (ring RM229, pendant RM229, earrings RM309-359)
    • Sapphire Joy (ring RM369-399, pendant RM369, earrings RM449-569)

    Beautiful Wishes
    Peace, Passion, Balance, or Communication - which beautiful wish shall you send to cherish your beloved? Seal the precious gift of a Natural Gemstone, with a ribbon embellished with sparkling White Topazes – a symbol of pure determination.
    • Sapphire Peace (ring RM359, earrings RM369)
    • Ruby Passion (ring RM359, earrings RM369)
    • Amethyst Balance (ring RM189, earrings RM229)
    • Topaz Communication (ring RM189, earrings RM229)

    Curious to see which gemstone would shine brightest on your skintone? Come by to try it on at our outlets in #1Utama #SunwayVelocity #SunwayPyramid